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When I was sitting down late last year planning my rebrand and how I was going to get started again, something struck me that I had missed before, the true values I want to embody within everything I do. One main things has been sourcing eco-friendly packaging materials and attempting to create as least waste possible, trying to hold onto every scrap in case it can be of use in the future, also keeping costs down as much as possible, so as to be a more affordable place to shop for gifts (without under selling myself, something I’m rather guilty of!) But one particular area I didn’t initially think of, is actually something I hold of great importance, making my shop, website and my work more accessible. I wanted to ask those who know more on the subject than I, to enlighten me on the ways I might be able to make things easier to access? I’ve been looking at Etsy and what I can do there but want to make sure I am as inclusive as I can be. Making things accessible should never be seen as a burden, it is so important for everyone to be a part of this world we live in, and it’s our job to make it a more inclusive place.

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