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Us the Misfits

I feel the theme of the next few months is beginning again, “unfolding slowly, because blooming takes time.” Over the weekend I felt a wanderlust fulfilled within my soul, to be around so many wonderful minds in a place which holds so much significance to me was a time I will never forget. I don’t want to sound too pretentious but being surrounded by artists will bring that out in you ;) cheeky comments aside, I truly do mean every word I say. Hugs were had and inspiration was shared, listening to both Brooke and Gillian speak gave me so much to come home with and reminded me of why I want to continue and pursue my passion. Leading into legacy. This weekend was challenging for me, but I allowed my body patience and time, I had realistic expectations which led all my experiences to surpass them, I got to hug someone I’ve looked up to for years, travel with an artist I hugely admire and aspire to be like and spend my first girls weekend with my mum that didn’t take place within the confines of hospital walls. I don’t think I stopped smiling the whole duration of our trip, I still haven’t.

Now I’m home and am trying to refocus, I have something exciting to announce this week, a project close to my heart and the gateway to one I’ve had in the works for longer than anyone will ever know. I can’t wait to begin again, after a chapter so full of blessings.

Thank you,

Hope x

Here's also a little video diary of my little trip :)

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