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The Wanderers Collection

Hello wanderers,

Today is finally the day I’m ready to release this little collection of imagery, poems and quirky keepsakes. This project has changed, grown and evolved so much since the initial idea but the heart of it remains the same. After hearing Aurora’s “The Seed” and some amazing friends posting so much valuable information about the state of our environment, I realised in myself what it is that I want to do, to change my little corner of the world. I am not perfect, not every single piece in this project is as eco as I would like it to be, nor have I suddenly become zero waste over night. But I wanted to set myself intentions and explore within this what my true feelings are. Without sounding too pretentious, as a chronically ill teenager I do feel a sort of kinship with earth, our home. I too am struggling, changing to fast, either far too hot or far too cold! I too feel abandoned sometimes, our world moves too fast, taking every piece this planet has and constantly trying to overtake one another, neither me, nor her can ever hope to catch up. We need fight, but we also need gentleness, with every war that is fought so bravely, there needs to be those of us willing to plant the seeds that others so selflessly leave behind. I often feel helpless, hopeless, I hate how full my bins are and how many of my clothes were most likely made by people who never get to see the sun. But I know now I can only take one step at a time to begin changing, evolving.

I think these issues have always been talked about, but what is incredible is how much more important it is becoming to ordinary people, and children. I named this collection The Wanderers Collection for a reason, I get to wonder at the ocean, at the trees that surround me and I want so badly for everyone that comes after us can too wander this earth, and call it home. Whilst the stars may hold answers, the earth, while less beautiful at first glance, holds much more magic. After all it’s this place that birthed us, and every fibre of who we are is embedded within its core.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors—we borrow it from our children.” – A Native American Proverb

Prints, products and poems can be found and purchased from my Etsy shop,

There is also images and words featuring on my website

A huge thank you to the ever inspiring people who constantly remind me of what’s important and to Danny and Stef for the bones and for Sally! They have been great companions xx

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