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Sweeter dreams, than reality

A couple of weeks ago, as I sat to glance at my life and where things were going, I had a sudden stroke of inspiration, again pulling me out of a dark spell reliving my harsher reality. I always aspire to make my circumstances around me, somewhat beautiful, and due to being surrounded by amazing people constantly, it isn’t awfully difficult to do so. My bedroom has become a true sanctuary after my grandad and mum so graciously worked to make it so.

I’ve decided since fatigue has been my biggest enemy of late, to make a bit of a project out of my feelings from that wonderful space. “Sweeter dreams, than reality” is the title of a new series of images, poems and musings directly taken from my bed. The walls around us are only restrictive if we truly let them be so, while the hardest thing ever for me is to slow down, I’m doing it in my own way, even allowing myself to shoot in my nightdress to avoid the exhausting task of getting dressed ready for shooting.  I’m not confined to my bed primarily as so many ME sufferers are, but it definitely is a more prominent feature in my every day life than for most others. We all have to create our own magic, this is my way of creating mine, while still allowing my body, to slowly heal.

I hope to raise some awareness through this also, ME is an isolating illness and for those of us that experience it, getting out of bed each day is always an achievement, and should be celebrated as such. But if today you could bring your body along with your dreams, I’m here to dream for you, with you, for one day we will have a much sweeter reality.

These are the images I’ve shot so far, excited to see where this journey will take me, thank you for being here,



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