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Something new

Hello there again :) I just wanted ramble on here to start my intentions for what I hope to be a wonderful few weeks of sharing creativity. I'm heading to London in May and it's not for hospital! I still can't quite believe I'm traveling down to Brooke Shaden's one day Promoting Passion event, with the lovely and ever inspiring Gillian Gamble! I'm more than a little excited and finally feel like I'm getting my head around updating my Etsy and the rest of the wonderful things I have had planned for so long. I now have a cozy little workshop in the garage (thanks mum and grandad!) which will help greatly in creating more coveted treasures for my little world. I have a beautiful secret project also which I'm intensely excited about but need to lay some groundwork first before I share it, it still feels like my little baby! Which leads me to my point, I've been working tirelessly on products that are ready to be added to my shop as well as new photo projects I've kept under wraps for a while, I'm always ever grateful for the support and love I receive from everyone, even when my body cam't quite keep up with the rest of the world, you keep my little one spinning. So hopefully regular posts and sharing will resume and I can begin sharing the pieces that I hope will become a small part of this big place we live in,

Thank you for making it feel smaller,

Hope x

PS, here's a little peak of that little something, coming soon ;)

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