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Overthinking was the first real conceptual self portrait I ever created. It was right before a weekly trip down to London I took every few months for help with my chronic illnesses, since there was nothing any closer. I remember shooting it in dim light, editing on the dining room table and I can’t believe it’s been nearly five years since I created it.

As I was shooting today I, as usual, running calculations in my head as to how much energy I had to expend in order to shoot. First someone came to the door to drop off a parcel (that’s one trip downstairs) then they came back as they had delivered the wrong one, there’s a second trip. I then had to lie on the floor for ten minutes to get my heart rate down to a suitable level. Back in my room I had to wear the first option I had as I didn’t have the energy to rake around for anything else, setting up my tripod was done sat down. Shooting was done on my bed, taking 10 minutes maximum, if I didn’t get the shot in that short amount of time I would have to try again next time. For context, next time may be in about a month. This is just a small part of what goes on in this mind of mine when shooting!

I don’t always know why I share what I do, sometimes I fear it’s too much, but if there’s one thing my mind is most proficient at, it’s overthinking ;)


Also we’ve reached day 50 of my #fearless challenge!

This is the original piece!

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