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Old roads and new beginnings

Hello my gentle friends, it feels like yet again, it has been a while. I’ve had the craziest year the past 12 months, far more chaotic than I ever anticipated! But I’m hoping through this next year to get my feet on a bit of solid ground again and begin sharing more consistently and connecting with my online family, I feel I’ve been away from for so long. I think I forget people read what I put on here sometimes, and I don’t say that just to say it, it’s so easy for things to feel futile sometimes and to doubt your own creations. But I cannot thank you enough for being here to read in all my life’s scribbles.

In exciting news I cannot believe I’m sharing with you, I recently received an email congratulating me on a bid for funding I submitted to the Arts Council England to develop my creative practise! This means that for the next year I have the funding and means in place to create more than I ever have before and for the first time feel like I can actually call this my job and not just a crazy hobby stemming from too much time in my own head! The work it took to get here would never have happened without some amazing people and I’m so grateful for all that has and still is, to come. I also feel it’s the right time to tell you of the project I’ve been pouring my heart into the last year that has been one of the reasons for my absence, I’m writing my first, full length poetry collection as a book :) it is the biggest project I’ve undertaken in awhile and contains over 90 poems, some you’ve seen and some you haven’t, original illustrations, short essays, messy ramblings and whole load of weird and wonderful art. I cannot wait to share more of my latest project baby with you in the new year. I’m determined to document this whole process as it’s totally new to me and I know if I can figure it out I want to help others know they can do it too.

So I’m in winter hibernation mode for December furiously getting ready for the new year with so many new horizons. I know it’s been a hard one for many, myself included, and the past couple of years have thrown more our way than we ever could have imagined, but there is light, and beauty amidst the chaos and something I always like to remind myself about life, it’s swings and roundabouts.

- Oh and speaking of with old roads and new beginnings, this project is titled Fearless.


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