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Loving a life imperfect

Sometimes the littlest reminders can get me to remember how to keep going, everyone will face mountains, but the ropes that have aided me in climbing mine have been invaluable. Music, movies, inspirational individuals and the people that surround me have always been my greatest support. On Wednesday last week I was blessed by some wonderful people to have been nominated for a courage and determination award at the local youth awards night 2019. Attending was a challenge in its self, trying not to have a panic and throw up was my main goal for the first half an hour of arriving! Between the amount of people and the heat of the room we were in, it was difficult to say the least. But it was more than worth it for the people I was able to see and converse with, along with the others that won various awards and had their stories told. The staff were unbelievably accommodating, I was able to go out for breaks when needed and was called up first which, while rather intimidating meant I was able to rest for the remainder of the time after. I can never thank the people that shared my story and nominated me for this award enough, standing on that stage I didn't feel I was the only one that should be stood up there, you were all with me that's for sure :) after attempting to graciously depart the stage, as I had been first to be announced to win I got to sit a listen to the nine other individual's stories. It was one of the most humbling and encouraging things to watch, hearing of young individuals from across many different areas excel in their lives as they pushed past the obstacles in their way, the kindness of those that always give themselves to care for others. People I knew, whom I saw a different side to and people I didn't, whose stories will stick with me for years to come. I am so blessed and fortunate and will never forget the journey I traveled on during that night. It has reminded me of how far I've come in becoming more comfortable with myself and living the life I lead now, unapologetically, even if it looks rather different from what I originally anticipated. One of my most favourite films was discovered by me not to long ago and I wanted to credit it here as another thing that has aided me in learning comfort within a body that works a little differently. The Road Within has quickly become one of my most watched and favourited films, the language is rather colourful I'll say that! But it has been such a comfort to me even though the characters are going through things very different, there is still that air of relatability I always crave. I highly recommend! I guess this post is a thank you, to everyone who surrounds me but also to me, for finally learning to love a life imperfect.

Hope x

This is my newest piece, titled, "Try again tomorrow."

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