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Lost and Found - our magical wonderland is soon to be open :)

Hello my friends! I wanted to jump on here with a little update on our ever elusive Lost and Found :) as you know with the COVID situation we’ve been back and forth with when and how to open safely, as well as figuring out how to bring our dream project to life in a different way than we originally planned. So now we’ve fully moved in and spent some time thinking, we have decided on our little pop up shop to be open as and when in the week. So come to see us this Saturday between 11-2pm! Saturday will be the most common day we are down and open, so please pop by when you can and we’ll say hello. We will also post when we are open on our Facebook page so check there before coming down, as we we might not be available consistently each week. We have our Lost museum of fairytale artefacts to explore as well as a pop up shop of our products and individual art pieces and prints. We look forward to opening up to Fore Bondgate finally with all of our Covid safe precautions in place and hand sanitiser readily available. So bring your masks and magicsee you there!

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