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Live in your wild

Some thoughts this week has brought to me...

One thing I have always been blessed to know is that as a young girl facing the world, I can take on anything. It makes me proud to stand up and live but heartbroken for the ones that didn’t have this in the same way I do.

I’ve always had young, female role models growing up, in my mum, in characters on a screen and in books, I don’t take that for granted.

But there have still been moments in between where I have felt left behind, for feeling empowered in this world can feel like a nightmare to navigate, especially if you do not fit into the confines of what our society views as, ‘normal,’ ‘beautiful’ or ‘successful. But now more than ever room is being made for everyone, intersectionality within feminism is becoming integral and I am so grateful for that.

Watching Amanda Gorman’s speech at the historic inauguration yesterday took my breath away, I know I will be showing that same speech to my own daughters one day, as I remind them as fiercely as mine did to me that no matter what, you can get up in front of the world, pour your heart out and create magic.

I wanted to share some of my favourite inspirations in this little tribute collage, most of them phenomenal artists, that have guided me through my teen years, for I will be departing from childhood soon, and my goal is to work harder to continue shaping the world to accept gentle but strong young girls, who I believe hold far more than we ever give them credit for.

So live in your wild my loves, never be afraid of your own strength.

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