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It's been a while wanderer

Hey there wanderer, it’s been a while...

I’ve honestly felt a little disconnected lately, falling out of touch with vulnerability as I go through this next chapter. Things will look up but you have to go through the hardships to come out the other side, changed once again. I’ve made the decision to do my poetry version of #inktober again for this year, I’m so excited to share, bleed and talk about life in a more open way, finding my way back to the roots of why I’ve always wanted to do this. I want to start blogging more frequently, sharing my thoughts and my new ideas (there’s a lot of them!) to come together within the little community I have online. I’m never as active as I always wish I could be, and part of that is circumstance but I want to try to get on here more, there are so many amazing people I want to reach out to and all I can do is ask. So I ask you, to join me on yet another journey, moving towards curating a dream that is slowly becoming reality.

I hope you are all finding hope in this current chapter and if not, there are plenty of people ready, open and willing to be there to hold you up while you rest.

Thankful always,


On todays Inktober - Today's prompt is "ring" and for this I decided to do a photo concept to go along with a piece dedicated to not only younger me but all those I one day hope to reach, and to all those who have shared their love with me. My current theme is the Lost Girls, going along with Joel's poetry course, I'm opening my heart in a way I never have before, and I'm eternally grateful. Looking forward to all this month brings...

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