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Hidden Story

Today I wanted to finally tell you about my latest adventure in Hidden Story CIC. As you know the last year and a half hasen’t gone to plan for us as well as many in the way we thought. Lost and Found has had to shift and adapt, much like the rest of us and find its place in this new world we now find ourselves in. What’s funny is I find there is even more of a place for us now, my own experiences with isolation and chronic illness fuelling what we hope will be a movement for change and telling the stories of those once lost. Hidden Story is the big umbrella of which all my other ventures will now fall under, L&F is our base and functions as a workspace primarily with a pop up shop we occasionally open in the week. Hidden Story CIC is still in its very early infancy and I hesitate to share much now but wanted to put out something for those that know me! We are currently finding the people we need to make it grow into what we hope it will become. We want to make a difference in this newly changed world, bringing those who are usually so forgotten and left behind by the world, and empower them to share their stories in their own way. I hope you can stay for the ride,

Always thankful,


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