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Hiccups - a lost guide to girlhood release day!

So my friends, it's finally here! Exhausted is an understatement which I guess is pretty on brand anyways ;) it's been a true labour of love and could not be possible without some incredible people, so although I can't name everyone, you know who you are and I love you endlessly! Today also marks 10 years since my initial accident that lead to what now has been decade of struggling with chronic illness, it's always a day of mixed emotions and today is no exception, but one thing I've learned through all these years is that little moments matter, beauty can come from pain, art is the one language of my heart and hiccups are always going to come up along the way, you've just got to ride them out.

My book is available as a limited edition hardback pre-order on my Etsy shop:

It's also to buy on Amazon as a paperback which is ready to ship now!

Thank you again for all the continued support, love and patience, I can't articulate my emotions today so I'll forgoe trying anymore!

My love always,


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