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Hello there...

Hello there stranger...

It’s been awfully too long since we caught up, slowly days turn into weeks, weeks into months and then I suddenly realise I haven’t done anything online for quite some time. Instead of hopelessly trying to catch back up, aimlessly wandering around trying to think up some inspiration I decided to wait. Something I am not the best at! I jumped off the spinning world for a while, took a trip around the stars and tried to figure out how I can keep up in my own little world, rather than trying to compete with everyone else’s. I can say it’s been one of the best unplanned decisions I’ve made in a while, I feel like I’m finding solutions rather than setting unrealistic expectations that aren’t attainable right now in this chapter of my life. I turned 18 while I was away (slightly terrified of life now!) but I decided my debut into the adult world would come along with a revamp of both my brand and my work. I thought I’d clear a few things up so that things make sense, 

First of all my “brand” is simply the themes I choose to categorise with my work, Hope Caitlin Treasures is by no means a massive shift in terms of what I create and share, I just wanted to allow myself more creative freedom, apart from photography. However! I am NOT abandoning my true passion of creating images, this has always been my bliss and by no means will it be replaced by anything else. But my body does hold limitations and through shifting my perspective I’ve found other creative freedoms that are allowing me to get into that space, even when I don’t have the energy to go on elaborate shoots. I’ve also been experimenting with creating my own designs and logo which has been one of the most rewarding experiences. As my body limits my ability, sometimes an idea that begins in summer might not get finished until February of the next year, but it is the most amazing thing once it is finished.

I’ve reopened my Etsy shop, under the same name and I’ve added a multitude of new prints and some other little products to go along with them. I’m also still planning how to keep “Hope Caitlin Photography” as an extension of my brand to allow this work to continue, so watch this space to see when I finally become a proper adult and get organised! 

I’m so thankful to so many wonderful people for their walk with me on this journey, as much as I say it ironically I do feel incredibly #blessed

So thank you, for the love, the patience and the encouragement, that gets me through some of the hard chapters.

See you soon,



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