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Hello stranger…

Hello my gentle friends, I’m crawling out of my little winter cocoon to wave hello and apologise for being away again! Truth be told January is always a funny month and health wise hasn’t been too great, however I do have exciting news to share with you!

Over the past month my parents and I have transformed our extra living room space into a tiny flat for me! It’s so incredible to have a little more independence and truly it’s going to change my way of living so much. Right now I’ve been spending most of my time in bed, having most meals up there and feeling confined in a space too small for my growing life. So this means I can make a few of my own snacks, eat right next to my bed and finally just use it for sleeping as it’s supposed to be!

I’m incredibly fortunate to have this space and can’t wait to share more about it with you, wishing you a happy February and sending love always ☾

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