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Many of us have soundtracks to the chapters in our life, I know I have many. So I thought I’d share some today, alongside a photo that’s been on my mind for awhile now. There are many things buried in this image, like many of mine, I think that’s why art can be so relatable to many, because it can be perceived so differently by each one of us.

One the first artists that walked me through some of the early days was of course @ToriKelly. I’ve seen her twice now, once in London from afar, during one of my first appointments there. Truly by chance. Then again just in March of this year, when I got to meet and hug her! Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend the concert afterwards (thanks body!) but the trip was so worth it. I often talk about many strangers guiding me through my life, the songs in my head through every waiting room, after hard appointments, during train journeys to different beds and through the happy times I made it through. It’s strange that we can feel so close to people and their journeys without ever knowing them. I think that’s why I share what I do, hoping that along the way I can reach people, inspire them to push forward even without ever speaking to them. I’m going to list a little playlist bellow of some of the songs that have gotten me through these past few years, I hope you might enjoy some of them :)

All my love,



1. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus - Nicole Nordeman

2. Clean - Taylor Swift

3. Daydream - Tori Kelly

4. One More Time With Feeling - Regina Spektor

5. Saturn - Sleeping At Last

6. Home - Gabrielle Aplin

7. Unbreakable Smile - Tori Kelly

8. 6/10 - dodie

9. Warrior - AURORA

10. Remember - Lauren Daigle

11. Carry you - Ruelle

12. Change - Taylor Swift

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