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Ah this imperfect life...

I wanted to share a post today that I wrote a couple of days ago, I’d been in a bit of a creative and energy slump and wanted to candidly share some of my thoughts. I’m trying every day to fight unhealthy patterns and this was sure one of them! Don’t trap yourself, set your soul free.

"It’s funny this past week, I’ve been trying and trying to re spark an idea and I just keep hitting a brick wall. I feel like there’s a lesson in there somewhere. I often feel trapped by my circumstance, my body, the same four walls lose their inspiration some times. But I feel like often we can trap ourselves. I constantly burn myself out to try and keep going. And for once I’m going to say stop. I’m going to miss a week 😮! I’m going to interrupt the flow because I need to stop trapping myself in constraints I tie around my creativity. I need to create for me, for my joy and for my passion. And so I’m breaking free. It almost kills me to stop the longest streak I’ve had doing any kind of prompt challenge. But they are not there to be perfectly kept to, and I don’t feel I’m producing my best work through my own pressure. So I’m going to keep going, this group and project (the lightbulb project) has already given me so much and I’m endlessly grateful. But I’m going to put that perfectionist away for a while, to love a life imperfect."

I also think this is kind of applicable to the world’s situation right now, our lives are always going to be messy, loving, fear inducing and crazy! It’s about making time to look at the big picture, keep your body safe but keep your mind safe too. I had a lovely moment today sat waiting for an appointment, I’ve been rather anxious this week and sitting there in a hospital waiting room is one way to increase that. And then good old Lizzo came on the radio. In the middle of a mostly used for the elderly hospital space ;) and I just felt I was held, by the silliest things. They pull us through in the end, and we will pull through. So dance like no one's watching, and sing your favourite tune to help you time washing your hands. It’s the little things that are the big ones really.

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