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A very hopeful inktober

Hello my internet family, a little long time no talk again! It wasn’t an intentional thing but life has its way of making time pass quicker than it’s noticed sometimes! But I’m so excited to start this very special inktober with you, it’s officially 10 years since the accident which sparked my health journey and in tandem, the crazy creative ride I’ve found myself on.

So as I like to celebrate in my own way each year, subverting the day into an excuse to reminisce I’ve decided it’s the perfect time to release my first full poetry anthology! I’m nervous, excited - all the things! This has been a true labour of love, I don’t think anything has held my focus for so long. It really is a love letter, to a younger me and to other girls who find themselves lost in adolescence, girlhood is a ride few understand until they partake in it themselves, and if I could talk to a younger me I’d use it as a guidebook for her. It’s messy, all over the place and has been in the making for a decade that coincidently, made me.

I’m jumping back on the inktober journey again for the month leading up to the preorder release, I’ll be sharing snippets and sneak peaks each day as well as poems both old and new. I hope you’ll join me as I reclaim my little corner of the internet again, oh how I’ve missed you <3

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