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A magical day ✨

I wanted to pop a little blog post on here with something I wrote earlier today as well as all the pictures from our second opening day on Saturday! I can’t express how grateful I am for the support and love, I feel wrapped in a little lost bubble of happiness and I feel so blessed 🌙 my body is throwing up a fit now but will be back in as soon as it lets me! Much love and happy Monday my gentle friends

‘It’s crazy sometimes to think how long my little brain and I have been sharing our thoughts, musings and chapters of our life online. I started blogging at about age 14, around the same time I first picked up a camera and never looked back, I’ve been thinking a lot about purpose as of late, how I find mine has followed me rather than be something I’ve chased. For so long I ran from the things that made up the life I have, thinking maybe one day I could close the door on being plagued by illness and become something different. But as much as I still hope for days less spotted with pain and heartache I know that door will always be left open, for the things that have born this version of me have set out a path for future hope too, she looks back on her purpose knowing part of her past is ahead and fragments of her future lay behind her instead. It’s a beautiful thing really, to have felt your purpose guiding you all along, that no matter what twists and turns life brings you remain the same, a girl looking into a wild world, hoping to make a difference somehow.’

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