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A little bit of hope

Yesterday I hit a milestone I’ve been eyeing for a while - 1k followers on Instagram! While it might not seem like a big number in this world of fast likes and ever changing algorithms, it means a lot to me, that I’ve been able to grow a community online that I dreamed of having when I was just beginning. That it happens to be during Inktober makes it ever more special, this month always holds so much for me. It’s coming up eight years on the 29th of October of me being ill, one fateful day I look jumped, I fell and I tumbled into the rabbit hole of an adventure that has been my life since. It has been immeasurably difficult, strange and unknown, but I wouldn’t change a single moment, not one. Because it led me here, and I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

It’s funny today’s prompt is #Hope, it’s that knowing nod from someone up above letting me know they’ve got me, they’ve got you, I’ve got you, no matter where you are in this crazy world right now you are in control of your own story, you decide where it goes.

So let this serve as a reminder for you, that things work out in the strangest of ways and that you are made up of a thousand beautiful memories, making a beautiful book of which you are the author. Make it special.

Stay gentle,


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