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It will fade

I think pain is something we are all uniquely familiar with, some physical, some mental, some emotional, and some we cannot even put a name to. Grief, fear, love, they all make up life and what it means to be human, what it means to feel, to live. But one thing these inevitable emotions do not come with is a guidebook, or a right way to deal with them. I find pain and difficult life emotions take on different forms, depending on the person and the place they are currently in, right now some hardships feel like mountains, an impossible distance to climb to get to where you want to be, endless roadblocks and stones to taunt you on your journey. But one day (and there’s no sure way to tell when) that challenge, that faded pain will no longer look like a mountain, it may instead take the form of a fly. Just a fly, annoying, cumbersome, tiring and irritating, but easily swattable, easily helped.

Some flies and most mountains require a trusted companion, to catch you when you fall and to swat that pesky insect when you don’t have the strength to. Help can come in the most unexpected ways, and quite often (I include myself in this!) you have to accept it for what it is, let people wrap you up in their love, in their compassion. Pain in all its many forms is something we have to fight through in this battle of life, but one thing it can give us is perspective, and the knowledge that it does fade, so yesterday might have been a rocky path, today a mountain but tomorrow, a fly will caress the horizon, reminding you of how far you’ve come.

Hope x

PS: I do not advocate for animal cruelty this is purely a metaphor! Take it as you will :)

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