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Little wishes

I do promise that soon these little posts will become a little more structured but for now here are my feelings, that I’ve accumulated over the last seven days since we last spoke :)

I’ve been going through a super rough patch recently. I know many others right now that are too, but that sentence up there, underlined, is something I find incredibly difficult to say, let alone express through vulnerable emotions. I think deep down I know a little of why I struggle so much to be emotionally vulnerable, due to my seizures I am forced every day to strip down to the bare bones of what haunts me as I lose control of my body in front of any stranger, friend or family member that may be passing by. I think it’s because I’m forced to be so vulnerable against my will that I find it so hard to consciously do so, saying how I truly feel, crying and losing the constant front I put up of “I’m fine.’ That isn’t however to say I lie, or when I say those words I don’t mean them, a lot of the time I do, but in those moments, the ones that happen far more frequently than you would guess, I refuse to let anyone in expect for those I share a house with, my close knit family. But this isn’t what I want to focus on in this post, I want to focus on the good that comes with letting the people who love you the most, in. This week I’ve had the most amazing love and positive light sent my way, people who have their own troubles and hardships taking the time to care for me, nurture me and remind me what friendship is for. We are never meant to overcome alone. Not in today’s world, where a single text could completely change the course of someone’s week. It’s the little things that really make a difference, the tiny moments that tug on our lips, pulling them into a genuine smile, the way someone can make your heart feel so full and loved in a world that so often feels so empty and alone.

So thank you to all my wonderful angels on earth, as I’ve said before, "I do not choose to have faith, I see it within people. The flowing rivers of change, they speak to me, telling of stories, whispering the truths of travellers come to pass. They remind me of all the angels that walk among us, hidden within the shadow of our doubt."

Wishing you all a week full of blessings,


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