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Begin again...

It has been many months since I sat down, on my little laptop in front of the fire to write, write for this, my blog! Last month was filled with Inktober and since I have wanted to return more to my little corner of the internet, my little world. October was a month to remember and the challenge of Inktober unbelievably, brought on more creative endeavours than the last, I not only challenged myself to a poem every day but to accompany that with some sort of imagery/visual so as to make it unique from last year’s journey. Needless to say it was a challenge indeed, however I completed every single day with the same intention as I began the month with and although some (in my head most!) were not perfect, this helped me endeavour not only to not over analyse but also prevented me from overly critiquing my work to the point of not sharing. Therefore I have proved to myself that attempting to post twice a week with a blogpost finishing is not out of my reach. I guess that’s what this is. The beginning of a new adventure, where I hope to share and create without too many personal boundaries, it will not be perfect but it will be me, and if there’s one thing these past few months have taught me, is that, is enough.

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