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A wild one

This week for me has been one of many things but one lesson I've learned has been the art of resilience and those who've taught me how to use just that. Life isn't about being perfect, the true times we show strength is when we fall and continue to step back up, no matter how far we then have to climb. Many individual experiences have tried me this week! I honestly didn't know it was possible to be this clumsy and I'm sure speaking in coherent sentences shouldn't be that complicated! I've fallen more times than I care to admit and have wanted to give into the ground on many occasions, but amazing people today and in every day remind me of what it means to fight. To not pretend to be ok and fight the sadness but to continue walking along the path, without looking behind. All we have is what lies ahead and I will fall so many more times, but one thing I know to be true is that there will always be hands to help pull me up again, even if I don't always see them.

This is a photo from a little walk I had today, wildflowers are always so beautiful to me.

A special thanks to all the lovely ladies I know who did the race for life today, you are what is means to be warriors and I'm so proud of you all,

Hope x

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