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A million thank you's

“How do you do it?”

This is a question often asked, very much unknown is how to answer it. My first response is to explain I’m simply not consulted on the matter and I’m subsequently left without a choice. But when I stop and think about it, I wonder why anyone would think I’d choose to do anything else if I did. Believe me I have plenty of bad days, where getting out of a bed is considered an achievement for a multitude of reasons. But weeks like this one never fail to remind me and inspire me, to get up and laugh, smile, love. Because no illness will ever truly rob me of that. The thing is life’s tough and it’s tough for everyone, whether you look at your life or your friends, a strangers? Everybody’s got stuff. But I am always surrounded by such loving people, so outstanding in the way they chose to see good, to see happiness. How can I not be the same? They never fail to show me what it is to carry on, regardless of the turmoils life decides to hand us. They are the reason I feel I can make it on my bad days, knowing such good and wonderful humanity is out there, even if I can’t always be with them. I’m not a hero, or especially brave for what I do, I’m human and I make the only choice I feel I’m left with, to live. I am not the only one fighting and admire so much the people surrounding me that make that same choice. We can all get through, by looking to those who can inspire us. This entire week has been a whirlwind, and all the energy it’s taken has been more than worth it, I can’t thank everyone I know and don’t know for inspiring me the way they do, everyday fighting, I will always be reminded of how to keep going, from them. To say this week has only been full of joy would be a lie, I’m still so saddened by the amount of suffering and the lack of support, that still so many unnecessary tears are falling. But again I have hope, seeing the compassion from the world this week comforts me, to everyone suffering ME fighters or ones of a different battle, I know we will one day reach the end of this tunnel.

A million thank you’s,


An extra special thanks to the lovely, wonderfully talented Gillian Gamble, for the love she shares and the way she inspires. I still cannot get over this amazing piece of art!


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