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FND Awareness day 2018

As many of you may know today is FND (functional neurological disorder) awareness day 2018. Looking back to this time last year I cannot believe how far things have come and the support I’ve gained in that short time. It has been a long journey and one that continues to be difficult, which is why spreading awareness is so important.

One wonderful thing that has come out of this difficult time has been finding people online, groups and safe spaces for those of us fighting, a family and one I’m very lucky to be a part of. I have met amazing individuals who never fail to inspire me and, on my hardest days, pick me back up again. Having that connection has truly changed my life, being able to talk and share with those who understand is an invaluable support. With all the amazing people coming together to spread awareness I’m hopeful we will make more positive changes, for all those who are fighting and all those that shouldn’t have to.


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