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My dream space

Although I've already posted and shared the images of my wonderful new chair I still wanted to document it here as it's something I still can't get over! The past couple of days have been a little challenging, thanks to the wintery weather in spring :( so I've been working and resting in my chair a lot. I don't think others will truly realise how much something seemingly small can mean the absolute world to someone, not only is my chair amazingly crafted and beautiful but it is allowing me freedom I have craved for a while, the ability to work at a desk not confined to a bed. We've tried many alternatives to get to this point, an old Church pew which we attempted to bring back in my dad's car (it wasn't easy!) a few different layouts in the office (mum did most of the heavy lifting!) and spending hours on eBay trying to figure out what would keep me safe while working, but still allow me to have a functional space. My seizures/muscle spasms have kept me from doing a lot in my life as a 17 year old girl, but one thing they will never take from me is the determination that no matter how hard and crazy my ideas seem, I always find a way to make them work! I never thought at this age I would be dealing with this kind of stuff, but nor did I ever think I would have such a wonderful home studio and the patchwork, artist's chair of my dreams! I'm so grateful to everyone constantly supporting me and finding so many phenomenal friends along the way. So a big thank you to Kelly for putting so much work and effort into this piece, and for using my photos on some of the patches, something I still can't believe happened! I'm also grateful to my parents for their constant support and to all the people that have joined me on my journey,


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