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The next adventure...

As I have been saying in a few of my most recent blog posts, this new year for me is about doing things. Finding different ways to be creative and connect with others, this first month of the year has brought me more than I ever thought it would and I’m hoping that it will only continue. I’m heading away tomorrow on a little trip with my family, it’s been something that I’ve looked forward to immensely and wanted to have a place to document all the memories we hope to make. I first came across the concept of “junk journaling” on YouTube, by an extremely talented lady named Nazy.

Her channel link is here:

I fell in love with the way that these journals can hold so many different elements and decided I wanted to try it for myself. It has taken me way longer than I would have hoped simply due to the fact that I was too nervous to start something as I wanted it, surprise, surprise…to be perfect! I have simply tried to let go of that and have ended up with something I’m rather proud of. I want to try and incorporate my own style into this journaling world, combing my photography and writing into a bit of a mixed media piece, just in the form of a journal. I hope I can continue to add to it and turn it into a memory book of all of the amazing things that have only just begun this year.

Happy Sunday to everyone, I hope photos of our trip will follow suit!

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