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Hello :) I thought I would just share some thoughts with you, as I like to do!

I scribbled a poem idea last night which eventually turned into something more like a song, and it reminded me of how much I manage to accomplish, when I stop putting expectations on myself. I don’t know when I first began pressuring myself, to work hard, to be perfect, to do well. All I know now is that it has turned into something, not so positive. It’s all in my head, and I know that. I’ve never had pressure put on me from other people, yet it seems to be the easiest thing I can do to myself. It’s second nature to overthink and question, and definitely not in a good way.

Yes, it’s important to push yourself, to a degree. But after that it just becomes counter productive, you begin questioning everything you create, each thought in your head and that can never be helpful. Sometimes I find the things we often thought of as negative, can be positive. Night and day are so effortlessly linked together, they blend through to each other, and cannot be separated. We’re all made up of good parts and bad ones, but you can’t make a puzzle up, without all the little pieces. So it’s a little bit about cutting yourself some slack, not focusing on every minor detail, but (as cheesy as it sounds) following what your heart wants, not overthinking to much. My most favourite pieces of art and writing were created from accidental, not super thought out moments, the perfect blend of night and day.

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