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Off yet again...

Well, we’re off yet again! I know I’ve been very sparse with posting on here but it has been a hectic few months – hopefully now I’ll finally have the time and energy to spend on my little corner of the internet again. As for what’s happening right now, I’m heading off to London again! As many of you know, I travel down to London every four months or so for treatment as there is none available locally. It will be a busy week but one I’m sure will bring good things and then the real countdown to Christmas begins!

I’m hoping that the New Year fast approaching will bring so much light to everyone, I don’t think I’ve ever had a more crazy year than this! I’m extremely excited about new projects, growing my Etsy shop and continuing to create, but for now, I’m taking it one day at a time and heading off on my next adventure…

”As I walked by the light of the still setting sun, I saw another day, danced another daydream.

The stars might seem like they fall dimmer, dipping sometimes into a pool of darkness, but life does know how to light them again.”

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