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All the little things

Since I’ve had quite an unexpected absence from writing here on my blog (things like Inktober took a little more of a time commitment than I expected) I wanted to ease into it again with something a little simpler and more laid back. I’ve been a little topsy turvy in regards to my mood lately, I blame the dark and cold days of winter fast approaching now! So I thought I’d share some of the little things that help me pick up and feel snuggly again, especially this time of year.

Finding new ways to create

I love starting new projects, thinking up ideas and finding different ways to take myself out of this crazy world and into something far more enjoyable!

Writing poetry, listening to more music and reading good books has been a new escape for me. I will pop a playlist here of some of my favourite current songs (and a few books) that make me feel happy, fuzzy warm again!

* The Lunar Chronicles book series - which I know I've mentioned a few times now! But it really is worth a read. 

* Gabrielle Aplin's second album "Light up the dark" has been a recent discovery for me and one that I truly love. 

* Dodie Clark's 6/10 from her EP "You" has been another favourite for days when energy is low and resting is crucial! 

* Sleeping at Last's music is amazing for cozy nights in - I couldn't name just one song of their's so please take a look for yourself, you won't be disappointment!

* Finally, one I know most of you will have read - Harry Potter! I love rereading the series this time of year especially, it never fails to make me feel all happy again :) 

Getting dressed up with nowhere to go

I’ve heard several people over the last few months say, don’t wait for a “special” occasion to wear that new dress, dress up for your life. It really does help me feel more like me when I spend a couple of extra spoons one day to feel a little more human. It might not be worth it every day but once in a while just putting a little more effort in for no other reason than feeling amazing in my own home, really does lift me up.

Candles, movies and fluffy socks

One thing I love more than anything is lighting some candles in the dark, getting my freezing feet warm with fuzzy socks and watching a good comfort film. I am partial to the Avengers and Coralline is one of my all time favourites for this time of year especially (I’ve come to realize I have a very “eclectic taste when it come to TV!). I also enjoy YouTube - a good place to go for creative inspiration! 

Walking when I can

Another thing that helps both my brain and body is heading out for crisp Autumnal walks, although the cold isn’t ideal wrapping up warm and heading out even just for five minuets really lifts my mood. Sometimes I walk sometimes I wheel but it always makes me feel a little better.

Finally spending time with the fam and with friends

Although my introverted self does enjoy my alone time I do enjoy seeing the people I love, especially all the ones that really seem to “get me” and talking with friends online is just as enjoyable, plus with them I don’t even have change from my pyjamas!

I know this is a little more laidback from my usual posts but I hope you enjoy it all the same, I’m heading back down to London again a week today so I’ll most likely post an update on that next Sunday. Thank you all for the continued support for my Etsy shop as with everything else, new Christmas listings will hopefully be available soon also.

Thanks again,


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