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A week's recap

Hello everyone, I originally planned to have this up yesterday as usual but I have no real excuse - by the time I remembered it was this morning!! What a week it's been, I've had many ups and downs but all in all a week of new beginnings. I cannot believe I've managed to upload something for Inktober every single day for a week! Never did I think I would be able to be that consistent 🙈 I've been so nervous to put myself out there, in a way I never have before. My writing, and especially the pieces I've shared this week are extremely personal and tied to some difficult experiences. I'm so overwhelmed by all the lovely messages and people that have enjoyed my randomness! Don't worry, there's much more of that to come 😜 I'm hoping this week will bring more good things for everyone. Wishing you all a good one ❤️ Hope x

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