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Inktober Emerges...

Hello ❤️ I hope your all having a wonderful Sunday :)

As I was laying in bed this morning it came to me just how much I'm craving a creative challenge. I'd heard of #Inktober from a few artists I follow towards the end of September and was trying to think of a way I could get myself involved. I've decided to try and share a creative piece every day of this month, still trying to keep with the theme of Inktober by sharing my own little poems, short stories and a few little words here and there. I may try to doodle a little (although it's never been my strong point!) and even share some mixed media pieces (purely experimental 🙈) as I have to include some photography somewhere! I'm looking forward to seeing what the new month brings - October has slowly become my favourite time of year now 🍂🍁 at the end of this little adventure I will post my favourites over on my blog :)

Sending love to all,


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