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A little note of thanks

I haven't been on here very much this month, funnily enough its been a year since I started this blog and no way did I expect to keep up with it, never mind for a year! It's been a tough few weeks for me, like September sometimes is, new beginnings are wonderful but it takes you a while to find your feet. I want to make an update post on whats currently going on in my life and some exciting things happening soon at some point but for now I wanted to pop on and share something I wrote a couple of days ago, and say a very long over due thank you, to all the incredible people that have come with me on my journey.

It's funny the way that life works out. I'm sat here, in our living room with rain pouring down outside, the fires on and my little dog is laying on my lap. It's the little things I find, that some how end up counting more. For a while now I've felt that my life and my health has been in disarray. I've struggled with trying to upkeep a normal life, going to college was a major part of that but I've come to the realisation that for now, it's not the right time. I don't know why I'm so fixated with this ideal life...well I kind of do. I just want to be normal sometimes.

Sometimes it doesn't feel like I can do anything, how can I, one single soul take on the raging world. But then I stop and I think. It doesn't take a village to give someone a smile, or to give someone you love a hug. It doesn't take every inch of your being to be there for someone. But it works both ways. It doesn't take a lot for you to destroy what lays before you, so remember to lean with whatever small acts you can in the right direction.

I stop and look at the amazing people I have behind me and how blessed I am,

The small raindrops don't seem like much but together they form the most incredible storms.

Writing a blog post will never amount to the thank you I wish I could say. It's not enough for all phenomenal people that have shown me such incredible kindness. Some that I've never even met - one day I'll find a way to give back but for now,

Thank you

Hope xx

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