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New Beginnings

Change is a wonderful thing and it’s often this time of year that I experience it most, the rapid change in seasons has always brought me comfort, knowing that it will always come and a fresh start is always possible. Summer is a wonderful time, spent with family, by the sea and wrapped up in comfort, just for a little while. Autumn comes with a certain vibrancy that never fails to inspire me, it doesn’t settle on quiet contentment but inside thrives off the feelings of fear and passion when you dive into something head first, with no idea where you’ll end up. I’m taking that leap tomorrow, starting college after a long time of being isolated inside, its not exactly what I’d hope for. Just a short time spent in the outside world as it’s going to take a while for my eyes to get adjusted to the light. But that’s ok, because my life inside these four walls is filled with new exciting projects and friends that I can still feel strongly through a screen. My new chapter is about to begin again and I’ve never felt so ready to take that fearful leap, to everyone about to do the same remember one of my favourite quotes, “The scariest moment is always just before you start” – Stephen King.

Wishing you all well, we’re in this together.


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