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Off again...

Hello :)

I've spent most of my day packing (and pacing!) as many of you know I'm heading down to London again tomorrow for further treatment and guidance to help gain improvements. I'm looking forward to being back down in a positive place with lovely people who offer me so much support, I'm incredibly grateful to have finally found them. The journey has still been rough but I'm hopeful for the future and now that my exams are done, it's onwards and upwards! It's a little bitter sweet as I found out today that some of my photos are going to be featured in No 42's summer exhibition next week and I will miss the opening :( however I will be there in spirit and I'm still buzzing with excitement, I'm sure it will keep a smile on my face! Thank you all for your continued support throughout my journey, I don't have a photo to share today as I'm shattered but I hope the exhibition makes up for it! Hope x

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