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The next chapter

Friday was both a bittersweet and challenging day for me, it was the day that everyone said goodbye to their school and the better part of their teen years, something I've never had chance to move on from. Being ill has been hard and one of the most challenging aspects has been the things I've missed and will never be able to recover. However the weird, most prevalent feeling that I experienced on Friday, was unbelievable happiness, the feeling of freedom. I am finally exactly the same as everyone else, exams done and a long summer to do whatever I want and then the next chapter that begins for them will also begin for me, its not the same but its a new life non the less, one full of photographs and the things I love the most. I too am saying goodbye, not necessarily to the five years I've spent every day with my classmates but to the five years of all the bad and good, the five years of growth and learning and the five years that don't define me but have shaped who I am today. I feel good and I can't wait to see what comes next.

Hope xxx

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