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Sweet Dreams...

When I look back on the post I wrote a week ago today, I wonder what I'd say to myself, the girl wondering and hoping for a brighter week ahead. I would tell her and everyone else that the week I've had has been a whirlwind of bright colours, hope, happiness and laughter. It hasn't all been easy, and my mind still threatened to over take my body at times, but every bump in the road was worth it, to feel listened to and acknowledged by the people that know best. The whole experience at UCLH has been wonderful, full of appointments with lovely people offering me so much support, new ideas and guidance towards making improvements. To everyone just starting their complicated journey, to the ones who are battling through years of uncertainty and to the ones like me, still fighting but finding people who get it along the way, I know that it will get easier to bear, that improvements and breakthroughs will happen however slow and tedious. To my team, thank you for doing the most simple and yet important listened to me! You offered me help, kindness and understanding to hopefully get back to my life again.

And to every single person that follows my journey, thank you for being there, the incredible love and support makes the hardest of days that little bit easier.

Oh and to God, I feel as if you've tested me enough now, stop it already!

I believe in you and your strength, thank you for giving me a fight I know I can bear ♡

Hope xxx

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