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Little things for a rainy day

Whether it’s raining outside or in, here are somethings that even on the cloudiest of days make me feel a little better.

It's just a quick list but I hope that it helps :)

Netflix - the one we all turn too when we don’t want to do anything (or can’t) it’s definitely a popular one with me and is especially perfect accompanied with a snack ;)

Light some candles around your room and begin to run a warm bubble bath in the evening, fill it with bath bombs and the scents that calm you.

Find a good book and get lost.

Clean your room, declutter your space as well as your mind.

Have a go at meditating, even just in silence for five minutes its surprising how relaxed it can make your whole body feel.

Make yourself a cup of tea or any warm drink that comforts you.

Play with some makeup, paint your nails or mess with your hair (even if no one sees it, do whatever makes you feel good)

Open your window and listen to the rain, write down how it makes you feel. Look through old photos of happy memories.

Listen to a good rainy day playlist.

Take some photos or try drawing, let yourself go.

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